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Olympia Eye
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Your sight is our vision

Olympia Eye & Laser Centre’s mission is for patients to see their world as clearly and as comfortably as possible, to increase their quality of life.

The combination of skilled staff, state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and a drive to implement the latest research, ensure a more accurate diagnosis that enables optimal solutions to patients’ visual requirements. Olympia Eye & Laser Centre offer access to world-class ophthalmologists and comprehensive eye care in Namibia, and consists of consulting rooms, a state-of-the-art clinic and fully equipped theatres with general anaesthetic facility, including state of the art equipment which is the first in Africa.

          +264 61 372 600

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Olympia Optics

Stay focused!


Olympia Optics serves the public with the vision of making comprehensive eye care accessible to everyone.

A modern lifestyle and accelerated pace of living poses new challenges to society. Olympia Optics helps clients take care of their daily visual needs, allowing them to stay focussed and connected. Professional and experienced staff are ready to advise and assist clients; from a comprehensive eye examination to contact lenses or choosing from a wide range of fashionable frames.

          +264 61 372 620

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Change the way you see beauty


Aesthetic Centre Olympia offers innovative techniques for medical aesthetics, skin care and body treatments to help clients achieve great results that let them enjoy enhanced confidence and a better quality of life.

Aesthetic Centre Olympia’s mission is to bring perfection in the analysis and treatment of clients’ conditions. An experienced physician, aestheticians and professionally certified staff offer a customised approach to the treatment of aesthetic concerns of the eyes, face and body to restore a more youthful appearance. The comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments and products include medical aesthetics, body treatments and skin care.

          +264 61 372 640


Online Shop


Emoneko has launched an Online Shop to distribute a range of cosmetic and medical supplies, as well as health and beauty products to the medical and aesthetic fraternity and the end consumer.

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Focus Point

Precision is key


FocusPoint is a state-of-the-art optical laboratory that has invested in the highest quality equipment and products to ensure perfect lens fitting and technical product service.

The MEI Edger, a first in Namibia, allows for precise cutting of lenses in the shortest time. Using dry cut technology, the MEI Edger is eco-friendly. The machine’s precision, versatility and reliability means any type of lens can be cut into the most complex shape, from sports wrap glasses to fashionable shapes and sizes.

Apart from cutting lenses, FocusPoint has partnered with Zeiss, a high-end quality lens supplier, that offers clients exceptional visual experiences.

FocusPoint’s vision, to always produce the best quality for clients, is realised by combining world-class products, the latest technology and years of experience from highly qualified staff.

         +264 81 2009 387

Cafe Coffee

For the coffee addict


Come inside, drink a coffee and enjoy a slice of delicious cake with us. Sit down for a quick brunch or lunch. Free WiFi available and ample parking.

          +264 61 372 660

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